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Written May 30, 2011

I'm in love. I am and I've been through a lot to get where I am. I've been through plenty of pain and trials. I'm where I want to be though. I know those who are close to me say what they say out of concern for my mental health. You have to understand though that I'm going to make my own choices and see where it takes me. Your support is nice and I value that I know you don't like my choices, but you'll be there for me. That's all I need. I've reached the final point though. It has been a huge struggle to get where I am and what I went through had its toll on me. I'm not giving up so easy. I've set things clear and will be working things out. But this is my choice and this is where I'm headed. I love him, greatly. And I will work with him to make this work till the final straw is pulled.
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