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 Passion of Death

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PostSubject: Passion of Death   Passion of Death Icon_minitimeMon Jun 01, 2015 6:31 pm

Written June 1, 2011

The world is known as this grand place, full of wonder. So what is it that we wonder? What runs through our minds? Do we thinking normally or abnormal? What is classified as abnormal? Recently in my psychology class we were asked what determines abnormal, can you call someone abnormal by a glance or does it take a diagnosis by a professional which would be their point of view on the matter. Abnormality varies from cultures, what may be seen as normal in one society could be seen as abnormal in another. So here's the question, are we abnormal?

Passion of Death

What drives one to kill? It's a passion, a passion of hatred, a passion of lust, a passion to fulfill the desire that has overtaken our being. Murders are seen as vicious acts of crime, yet some describe them as a vicious act of passion. What is running through the murder's mind as they commit this act? What was it that their victim did wrong to drive them to commit this kill? The blow of blunt force drama, driving the object to impale into the victims body. The spurt of blood that flies from the wound into the air and over everything around. The passion of hatred to drive that blow down, to provide enough force upon the impact. Mutilation of the body, severing limbs, destroying all visual recognition. A passion of lust to destroy something whole, something pure, something perhaps even beautiful. A desire to kill, it passes through everyone's mind at least once. So is the passion of providing a death abnormal or normal?
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Passion of Death
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