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 This Isn't Me

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PostSubject: This Isn't Me   This Isn't Me Icon_minitimeMon Jun 01, 2015 6:32 pm

Written June 3, 2011

What happened to me? This isn't who I am, I know it isn't. I'm not this woman. I'm no longer who I used to be, but this isn't me. I'm not the woman who freaks out constantly and worries so much. I'm more relaxed than this. So what happened to me? This isn't me. I give space and I take it. I don't push and just let things go as they are meant. I understand when things happen and when something can't happen. So what is wrong with me? This isn't me. Has something happened? Did I change and not realize it? What happened to the carefree me? Did something snap? Am I damaged or mentally insane? This isn't me. I need who I really am back. I need to relax more and understand like I used to. I can't take the fighting. Not the fighting for what I want, but the fighting with what I want. I need me back. I need to recreate who I am. Because this sure as hell isn't me.
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This Isn't Me
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