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PostSubject: Continuing    Continuing  Icon_minitimeMon Jun 01, 2015 6:33 pm

Written June 4, 2011

My mind runs millions of miles per second. Forever thinking, forever going. Tick, tick, tick it goes; like the hands of a clock moving past. So much information running through, running past, how is one able to keep up so fast? Rambling, stumbling, trying to comprehend. Am I insane or the sane one? Can I keep up with all the data processing through the cells of my brain? Overthinking. That is me, that is what I do. Shut it off I say. Slow it down I scream. Let me rest I pray. How do you expect me to understand when you give me nothing of everything. Knowledge. That is what I ask. Knowledge of your contents. Knowledge of your consistency. Knowledge of your knowledge. You know so much and share too fast. How am I to comprehend what you mean? I can't keep up. You won't allow it. Why? Am I to wander aimlessly in your darkened cell? To wonder what it is you mean to show me in this never ending maze you call home? This is a cat and mouse game. No. I am not chasing you. You're dangling me in the air as I edge the corner of death. You torture me, show me a glimpse of freedom and tear it away with another swipe. Is this how life is to be? Lost in my own thoughts. Confused by my own mind. A prisoner to myself? Where is the horizon of the future? Of my freedom? Of my mind? Tick, tick, tick. You are forever continuing and I your plaything.
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