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PostSubject: Azuna @ Chatango   Azuna @ Chatango Icon_minitimeSat May 30, 2015 5:33 pm

azuna (11:10:34 PM): *Pounces*
vixanne (11:10:45 PM): x.x -pounced again-
azuna (11:11:06 PM): Ha! *Winning*
vixanne (11:11:15 PM): -Slips off to pee again-
azuna (11:11:28 PM): o.o
vixanne (11:13:01 PM): -starting to think everytime fei touches her she has to pee-
azuna (11:13:12 PM): o.o;
azuna (11:13:15 PM): Zomg.
vixanne (11:13:17 PM): XD
azuna (11:13:32 PM): That's just weird. XD
vixanne (11:13:36 PM): @.@ Pee fairy, thats what you are.
azuna (11:13:42 PM): o.o;
vixanne (11:14:04 PM): -Gonna call her Pfai for now on.-
azuna (11:14:22 PM): o___o Zomg.
vixanne (11:15:02 PM): mhm
azuna (11:15:03 PM): *Pokes her arm* o.o
vixanne (11:15:10 PM): >.> -Licks her finger-
azuna (11:15:17 PM): o.o
vixanne (11:15:33 PM): Hey I usually moan to a poke
azuna (11:15:47 PM): You and Kas share that one in common. e.e;
vixanne (11:16:08 PM): Where do you think he got it from?
azuna (11:16:15 PM): Lol
azuna (11:16:19 PM): Well now I know
vixanne (11:16:30 PM): -Got it from Lord.- @.@
azuna (11:16:34 PM): @_@; Pfai™ (From: Vixeh.)
vixanne (11:16:41 PM): XD
vixanne (11:16:49 PM): -Will post convo on site-
azuna (11:16:53 PM): Lmao.
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Azuna @ Chatango
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