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PostSubject: xEdwardXVI @ Chatango   xEdwardXVI @ Chatango Icon_minitimeSat May 30, 2015 5:36 pm

"It's better than fast food, it's Vixen!"

"It's not laugh to giggle."

"Brb I gotta go tinkle."

"I hate it when you get lots of pm's when you try to masterbate...fuck...let me zip up my pants."

"But my penis itches."

"I shaved meh legs today out of boredom!"


vixanne (01:59:23 PM): lets get married
xedwardxvi (01:59:35 PM): im poor
vixanne (01:59:40 PM): lol so
xedwardxvi (02:01:17 PM): i cant afrode the ux?
xedwardxvi (02:01:24 PM): lmao
vixanne (02:01:27 PM): get married naked XD
xedwardxvi (02:01:28 PM): aforde..
xedwardxvi (02:01:38 PM): ahh yesh
xedwardxvi (02:01:43 PM): meh birdtha day suit
vixanne (02:01:49 PM): mhm
xedwardxvi (02:01:49 PM): omfg
xedwardxvi (02:01:56 PM): whats with all the random damn letters
xedwardxvi (02:01:58 PM): a..
vixanne (02:02:02 PM): lmao
xedwardxvi (02:02:03 PM): Birthday
xedwardxvi (02:02:06 PM): there we go
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xEdwardXVI @ Chatango
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