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PostSubject: LordxSasukexUchiha @ Chatango   LordxSasukexUchiha @ Chatango Icon_minitimeSat May 30, 2015 5:37 pm

lordxsasukexuchiha (12:21:28 AM): -Reads her profile0-
lordxsasukexuchiha (12:21:35 AM): Oh my fucking GOD you must feel TERRIBLE.
lordxsasukexuchiha (12:21:37 AM): O.O;;;;;;
vixanne (12:21:41 AM): yes
lordxsasukexuchiha (12:22:30 AM): I'm totally leaving you alone until you're over your period..
lordxsasukexuchiha (12:22:31 AM): >>;
vixanne (12:22:36 AM): XD

What the profile said:
~~~~Profile OOC read~~~~~~

OOC Status: Ok let me spell this out since some morons like Kris want to test my waters. I'M ON MY FUCKING PERIOD. If any guy wants to know exactly how I feel then take your balls, twist them up inside of you, shove a 3 inch lead pipe through one hip, balls, and out the other hip. That is how I feel.
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LordxSasukexUchiha @ Chatango
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