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 Talley667 @ Chatango

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PostSubject: Talley667 @ Chatango   Sat May 30, 2015 5:41 pm

"I love you like no man ever could."


vixanne (12:20:27 AM): rolandalderas (12:15:55 AM): I'm going to guess, judging by vocabulary, Talley is the mysterious red head?
talley667 (12:20:37 AM): tch
vixanne (12:20:57 AM): i think its a compliment
talley667 (12:21:03 AM): lol
talley667 (12:21:04 AM): oh
talley667 (12:21:07 AM): not used to that
vixanne (12:21:11 AM): lmao
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Talley667 @ Chatango
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