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PostSubject: Ryozx @ Chatango   Ryozx @ Chatango Icon_minitimeSat May 30, 2015 5:43 pm

"'s could they NOT know?"

"You know What sucks? When your about to have sex with your gf and they log off. It's like, you'rte right there, you're about to impant the seed of you into her and then they log out just before you press Enter! Thats like the biggest "Fuck You" in the world, even if it wasn't intentional."


ryozx (10:58:19 AM): Youtube ish weird as fuck >_<
ryozx (10:58:22 AM): Yet..
vixanne (10:58:25 AM): o.O
ryozx (10:58:26 AM): You just can't break away
vixanne (10:58:30 AM): lol
ryozx (10:59:36 AM): Youtube is the internet manisfestation of drugs, alcohol, sex, and takes all of mankinds wants and desires and puts it on one place...and it even has different languages
ryozx (10:59:57 AM): Whoever made it must be the servent of Satan with the brain of God
vixanne (11:00:25 AM): o.O
vixanne (11:00:29 AM): -quotes-
ryozx (11:00:37 AM): i was expecting that XP
vixanne (11:00:51 AM): -copy pasted instead-
ryozx (11:00:56 AM): XP


ryozx (12:40:42 AM): share me some CTC
vixanne (12:40:47 AM): lol
ryozx (12:41:04 AM): that soundsl ike a drug ••
vixanne (12:41:09 AM): yea
ryozx (12:41:33 AM): lets sniff some CTC *Big sniff* cinnastoned
vixanne (12:41:39 AM): XD
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Ryozx @ Chatango
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