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PostSubject: Konseigo @ Chatango   Konseigo @ Chatango Icon_minitimeSat May 30, 2015 5:45 pm

vixanne (11:25:14 PM): I SHALL NEVER!
konseigo (11:25:40 PM): ok ok ok ^^ but i want a hug
vixanne (11:26:07 PM): pfft you do not deserve it
konseigo (11:26:25 PM): T.T *goes and dose his emo teddy form*
vixanne (11:26:41 PM): -doesnt effect her and thinks of burning him-
konseigo (11:27:08 PM): O_O....*goes Emo dragon (god that would be fucking cool as hell)
vixanne (11:27:27 PM): -thinks of dumping him in an ocean-
konseigo (11:28:22 PM): ._. no love
vixanne (11:28:25 PM): nope
konseigo (11:29:23 PM): Y.Y
vixanne (11:29:29 PM): >.>
konseigo (11:29:40 PM): *turns normal and walks away*
vixanne (11:29:48 PM): -pounces-
vixanne (11:30:49 PM): >.>
konseigo (11:30:50 PM): *falls* jsut likn pinning me down
vixanne (11:30:58 PM): -just loved all over lord-
konseigo (11:31:30 PM): X_x.....*spazes the fuck out, untill his atoms break down and he turns to a puddly of plasma*
vixanne (11:31:49 PM): lmao XD
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Konseigo @ Chatango
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