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PostSubject: Chaosincarn @ Chatango   Chaosincarn @ Chatango Icon_minitimeSat May 30, 2015 6:13 pm

"Stop laughing at my typos! They're not even keyboard typos!"

Was on the phone with him.


Ok its not exactly a copy and paste but it was too funny to not share. This happened on a phone conversation.

Chaos: -Burps.-
Vix's Mom picks up phone at exact moment: Nice...
Chaos: I think there was still some watermelon jollyrancher in that.
Vix's Mom: Vix when are you going to bed?
Vix: In a bit.
Vix's Mom hangs up.
Vix: You know that was my mom that said nice right?
Chaos: I major fail.
Vix: -Can't stop laughing.-


Talley667: Intoxication does funneh things to people.
VixAnne: >.>"
VixAnne: I should change my name
ChaosIncarn: Define funny.
ChaosIncarn: I say Scary.
VixAnne: Then again that is the reason I made it my name x.x
Talley667: Scared, Chaotic?
Talley667: -giggles-
ChaosIncarn: Scared?
ChaosIncarn: Naaah
VixAnne: -Takes a step towards Chaos.-
ChaosIncarn: >.>
ChaosIncarn: Ok, I lied


chaosincarn (10:30:52 PM): What's up?
vixanne (10:30:59 PM): x.x pms
chaosincarn (10:31:09 PM): >.>
chaosincarn (10:31:15 PM): [Backs away slowly]
vixanne (10:31:41 PM): lmao
vixanne (10:31:44 PM): pm's*


chaosincarn (01:04:50 AM): I don't want any part of this!
chaosincarn (01:04:59 AM): I wanna do my dirty stuff and leave!
chaosincarn (01:05:11 AM): And when I say dirty keep your mind out of the gutter


Again not exactly a copy and paste, but too funny to leave off.

I was on the phone with Chaos again.

Vix: I swear its the best quote.
Chaos: Which one, you've gotten a few from me.
Vix: Most of those were copy and paste, this one was a quote. "Stop laughing at my typos, they're not even keyboard typos." -Giggles.-
Chaos: Well its not funny, stop laughing.
Vix: -Giggles more.-
Chaos: I'm serious! Stop laughing at my keyboard, they're not typos!
Chaos:......God Damnit.
Vix: -Dies of laughter and even snorts.-
Chaos: Don't you dare add this.
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