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 Fractured Soul

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PostSubject: Fractured Soul   Sat May 30, 2015 6:14 pm

EnchantressGazella: -is about to go full malkavian on their ass but not full malk cuz she is part daeva too and now she feels like she is talking to herself, no im not, yes you are, dont you lie to my, you bitch! -slaps self- OH HELL NO YOU DIDNT-


Elenarra: To slowly skin him alive....cut into his flesh slowly...peel it back from the muscle tissue....let it dangle from the skin....the blood ooze from the wound slowly...
Elenarra: Yes I think that shall be nice....slowly move the blade to his throat.....and slide it across his flessh....let it cut deep....deep into the flesh....let the blood pour...pour from his throat...
Elenarra: Ah....such pain he will feel when I slowly break his fingers back.....and rip them from their joints....
Elenarra: To end such a life...such a worthless life
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Fractured Soul
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