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PostSubject: JaimesTharmouth @ Userplane   JaimesTharmouth @ Userplane Icon_minitimeSat May 30, 2015 6:25 pm

Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): -Begins to write down in his journal.-
blood fest: : : sits on the floor:
AzumiShadowHunter (admin): im going to go lay down for a while.. im so not feeling good
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): I tied the waitress down by the ankles and wrists in order to work more effectively.
SophiyaAlderas (admin): ok zumi
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): I think the meathooks in her back will help her from wiggling too much, but she sure is loud.
********** at 7:54 PM AzumiShadowHunter (admin) left the room
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): The gag works well, but she can't stop crying. Oh well, it won't really bother me as I
concentrate on the task at hand.
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): I take the scalpel and start peeling the skin off.
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): It is surprisingly easy once you get a good rhythm going.
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): The exposed muscles underneath are easily identifiable by their shape and direction.
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): They glisten and twitch. Droplets of blood spray on my lips and I love the salty, faintly metallic
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): I lick my lips with pleasure...Mmm...Yummy...
blood fest: ayay he has problems too yay : : pokes jamies with a stick:
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): I have found the sternum and have the mini electic saw ready.
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): The young maiden has passed out a couple times, but is now looking wide-eyed at the saw.
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): I think the noise might've wakened her.
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): It takes much strength to pull the sternum apart once the bone is cut, and I try not to crack the
ribs, but fail miserably.
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): Oh well, I guess.
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): The heart is beating and the lungs are moving in their beautiful and exotic landscape.
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): The deep crimson, dark violet, bright red make for a gorgeous sunset.
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): I can hardly keep my hands away, so I slice ever so gently through the pleura, and take the
heart carefully in my hand.
********** at 7:57 PM alex00852456 left the room
SophiyaAlderas (admin): O.o
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): I feel the beating and rhythmic melody, which could easily lull me to sleep, but alas, I am
surprised that my guest has lasted this long so I know I must hurry.
blood fest: if i dotn find that sick but humrs is somthignr ogn with me
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): I move on to remove the intestines at the pyloric sphincter at the base of the stomach.
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): I let the varied thickness and smooth texture slide slowly between my fingers as I pull the
length of it through them.
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): Blood runs over the back of my hand, and at the same time, my stomach begins to growl.
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): I notice that my guest's heart has stopped. Darn it! I do so enjoy looking into the eyes at the
moment of death in order to watch the soul escape.
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): Ah well, maybe next time.
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): Onto the task at hand!
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): I must work quickly, for every minute wasted lessens the tenderness and sweetness of the
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): I have a frying pan warming on the stove. Now it's time to pick my favorite cut...It goes sooooo
good with mashed potatos...
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): -Finishes writing and closes the journal.-


One of his rants.

Why is it that every time I try to do something or talk to someone that nothing ever works out and no one ever listens?! Seriously! I mean, c'mon! A guy has "problems" and people can't help him out! It's like when I went to China and went surfing on the buffalo wings of the KFC world that I never went to! And when you're bored and have nothing to do then you just want to see the paperback weights of the infinite jelatinous forms of the ones you call the President! And nothing will ever save you from the hole of the spidermonkeys that haunt your dreams in and out of the darkness we call our closets. But don't even think about it, because all you can do is drink SunPop with your phone laughing at you for hours upon end. Seriously, there's nothing to pillow out when your undershorts lay on top of the TV. Though the Eifel Tower nevertheless sends you flower jerky, the lightswitch on it's wall will make it crumble into the core of the planet where the Dwarves live! I mean seriously, what the hell is going on with what the hell?! The Heated Blankets of the Justice League never comforted Superman enough to get him to fly me to the moon. McDonalds burgers beat the shit out of Burger King the other day, and they took over the fastfood world. Legos are my favorite toy, but when Eggo gets in the way, THAT'S when I step in and grab my knife and fork! The syrup of justice never again will speak to my speakers of the Hallway Lords! Syntax Help Smiley Help Preview Post message! Why isn't the word "Message" capitalized when the other words are? DISCRIMINATION! FUCKING DISCRIMINATION FOR THE LETTER "M"! I swear, this world is going to hell, but Hell came to this world, and so will the aliens of the Jupiter Two. The devil plays the banjo between the lecherous legs of mother superior RAAAAAAAAAAH I speak in the tongues of the dawn of the last day! Screw the vegetables and let the universe implode BUTTERCUPS BUTTERCUPS suck my manifold orifices! A cornucopia of objects flying about in circles in the atmosphere of mars make for a nice juicy meal. And if you think that I'm going to come quietly, you don't know how loud I can come! No sexual pun intended! Belts and shoes, buckles and braces, hats and cheeseburgers, waistbands and PICKLE JUICE! NOOOO! Mushrooms scare the living throw-up out of me but it's cool because I have cool socks on today. NOTHING will stand in my way anymore for you all will bow down to the FIRELORD!!! But that's not good, the FireLord is flaming with hot steamy evil. ALL HAIL AVATAR MIKE!!! Water, Earth, Fire, Air! Four elements combined into one! But if you actually take all four elements and put them in a bowl, you get mud. And mud doesn't go well on nice wallpaper finishes. The samurai sword went to New York and met with the giant stick. Though they were different, they married and made little metal twigs together. And that's the story about why people won't listen to me anymore. I mean, seriously! What is up with that?!


Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): Has your phone...Ever called you?
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): Not anyone in person.
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): But your phone.
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): Like, your phone has it's own persona.
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): And it calls you.
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): Because it's bored.
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): And needs to talk about it's problems.
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): So you try to get them to come over.
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): And maybe have a pizza.
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): Because you like talking in person.
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): But then they say "I can't! I'm a fucking phone! This is the damn problem!"
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): And I say "Hey, if you're just going to be a bastard, then I'm not going to help you."
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): Then he says "That's it, buddy! You pissed me off for the last time!"
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): And I say "Well what're you gonna do about it, bitch?!"
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): And he says "Fuck you, you just went over your damn minutes! -BEEP-"
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): And I go "YOU SON OF A BITCH!"
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): And I flush him down the toilet.
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): Then it gets clogged.
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): And I yell out "WHY CAN'T YOU GIVE ME A DAMN BREAK!"
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): And it yells out through the drain pipes "AND you just exceeded your text messages!"
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): And the toilet throws up the phone and it smacks you in the face.
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): And you fall over and go in a daze.
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): Then the phone starts making collect calls to China and Indonesia.
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): And they start talking to people for hours upon end.
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): And your phone bill gets really high.
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): And you end up going to jail for grand theft audio.
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): Now, there's a lesson to be learned from all this...
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): Don't fuck with your phone. Don't fuck your phone over. Listen to your phone's problems, because it always listens to you.


EnchantressGazella (admin): night
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): ....Yeah, okay, young. >.>
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): G'night.
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): >.<; My stomach's hurting...It's
becoming a pain in my ass.
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): Because, it goes to my ass.
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): >_>
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): Through process of digestion.
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): xD
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): Pretty much.
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): o.o;
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): OH GOD!
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): NOT ANYMORE!
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): >.<;;
RolandAlderas (admin): Not anymore
RolandAlderas (admin): Shit Jaimes lol
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): lmao
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): lol
EnchantressGazella (admin): -slowly sneaks to her bed-
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): >.> You can not sneak from me!
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): -Pounces!
EnchantressGazella (admin): -skitters behind her best friend before he
pounces her-
RolandAlderas (admin): Oh you better dodge
RolandAlderas (admin): Wait
RolandAlderas (admin): That's me!!
RolandAlderas (admin): T_T"
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): -Tackles Roland.-
EnchantressGazella (admin): XD
RolandAlderas (admin): -Is tackled- Ouff!~
EnchantressGazella (admin): -moves out of the way-
SophiyaAlderas (admin): wow i'm glad she didn't say her sis
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): -Gets up, then goes for Rachel.-
EnchantressGazella (admin): -ducks behind her brother in law-
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): -Tackles Thoros.-
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): -Gets up before he can do anything.-
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): -Skitters away.-
Thoros (admin): *dodges and kicks jaimes in the nuts*
EnchantressGazella (admin): -moves out of the way and over to her
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): -Tackles Sophi.-
SophiyaAlderas (admin): *turns in to mist*
EnchantressGazella (admin): -skitters back to ro and up his shirt-
RolandAlderas (admin): O_O
RolandAlderas (admin): No fair
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): -MIsses both, falls, gets up, tackles
Roland once more.-
SophiyaAlderas (admin): missed me
RolandAlderas (admin): -Isn't wearing a shirt-
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): ...
RolandAlderas (admin): -Is butt ass naked-
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): -Tackles Roland.-
RolandAlderas (admin): -Moans-
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): -Censors-
RolandAlderas (admin): @_@
RolandAlderas (admin): -Likes it- =P
EnchantressGazella (admin): -hides away-
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): -Finds Rachel.-
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): -Hugs her tightly.-
EnchantressGazella (admin): -isnt found-
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): -Is found.-
EnchantressGazella (admin): -didnt know he was hiding and is still
hiding herself-
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): -Isn't hiding anymore.-
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): o_O
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): -Finds her.-0
SophiyaAlderas (admin): *turns back to normal*
RolandAlderas (admin): -Gets up and struts around with his naked glory-
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): -Tackles Sophi.-
Thoros (admin): *shakes his head*
SophiyaAlderas (admin): damn it
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): -BOOM!-
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): -Explodes-
SophiyaAlderas (admin): get off me jaimes
RolandAlderas (admin): U_U
Thoros (admin): *is now officially sickened by RO's nudity*
EnchantressGazella (admin): -hides in ros hair-
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): Golden Glory!
RolandAlderas (admin): Sophi go boom
RolandAlderas (admin): T_T"
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): Roland..
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): -Eyes him.- Silver..
RolandAlderas (admin): FUCK THAT PUSSY!!
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): xD
RolandAlderas (admin): =P
SophiyaAlderas (admin): O.O
SophiyaAlderas (admin): Ro
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): -Shaves Ro's hair.-
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): -Finds Rachel.-
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): o_o;
SophiyaAlderas (admin): pink
RolandAlderas (admin): -Uses Gaz as cloths and sneaks out-
EnchantressGazella (admin): O.O
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): -Snatches Gaz.-
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): NO!
RolandAlderas (admin): Lol
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): She's MY clothes!
EnchantressGazella (admin): O.o
RolandAlderas (admin): ~_~
EnchantressGazella (admin): -hides in thoros armor-
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): -Tackles Thoros.-
SophiyaAlderas (admin): -.-
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): -Gets up before he can do anything.-
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): -Skitters away.-
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): No.. >_>
Thoros (admin): *monkey flips jaimes into a wall*
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): -Is already gone.-
RolandAlderas (admin): "What is with you and fucking monkeys?"
RolandAlderas (admin): That is what I heard
RolandAlderas (admin): @_@
RolandAlderas (admin): Jaimes @_@
RolandAlderas (admin): I thought
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): "A bird in the hand is worth two in the
RolandAlderas (admin): Was it you?
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): It was ANGEL!@
RolandAlderas (admin): Hmm?
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): Oh, you dated him?
RolandAlderas (admin): Paine?
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): >_> Hmm...
RolandAlderas (admin): Zane T_T
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): o_O;
RolandAlderas (admin): That bitch is getting the flail
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): Zane's your Silver counterpart.
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): Racheeeel!
RolandAlderas (admin): Night
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): Take me with you!
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): -Is already carrying her anyway.- >_>
EnchantressGazella (admin): -takes me with her-
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): Yey ^_^
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): Wait..
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): o.O
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): Take Jaimes with you!
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): Jaimes speaks in the 3rd person!
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): Jaimes loves Rachel!
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): x_X;
EnchantressGazella (admin): -takes the puppy named jaimes with her-
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): Ooo, a puppy named after me?
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): IS IT A HUSKY?!
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): FUCK!!!
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): -Goes berserk-
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): -Smashes a table over a wall.-
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): -Smashes a wall over a table.-
RolandAlderas (admin): You people are old
EnchantressGazella (admin): -hugs thoros night-
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): -Crawls up the wall and onto the ceiling.-
RolandAlderas (admin): Because I have no idea what you are talking
EnchantressGazella (admin): -hugs her sis night-
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): -Hangs down from web-like structure that
he made...organically.-
EnchantressGazella (admin): -messes ro's hair up and hugs him night-
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): -Hisses at Thoros.-
RolandAlderas (admin): -Gives the naked hug of death to Rachel-
RolandAlderas (admin): @_@
EnchantressGazella (admin): @.@ -violates him-
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): -Clings to Roland's head.-
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): -GnawGnawGnawGnaw-
RolandAlderas (admin): @_@ -Feels violated all over-
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): -Chew-
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): -RIIIIP-
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): -MUNCHMUNCHMUNCH-
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): -Slobber-
RolandAlderas (admin): -Groans-?
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): -..MUNCH!-
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): -CRUNCH!- O_______O
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): ...
RolandAlderas (admin): ~_~
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): -MunchMunchMunch-
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): -Spits it out, puts it back onto his head
with a glue gun and duct tape.-
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): -Climbs off and skitters to Thoros.-
SophiyaAlderas (admin): -.-
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): -Stares at his head.- ... @.@
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): -Skitters back to Rachel.-
Thoros (admin): *steps on jaimes making him go squish*
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): x_x;
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): -Flattens-
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): -Regains his density 'n volume.,-
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): -Skitters-
Thoros (admin): *uses a flamethrower and torches jaimes*
RolandAlderas (admin): I love you too -Much to lazy to whisper-
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): -Eats the fire.-
Thoros (admin): *its napalm*
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): I'm a demon. o.O
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): -Eats the napalm.-
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): -BOOM!-
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): ...'scuse me.
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): -Sighs and falls over.- Okay, I'm done...
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): Racheeeel. -Hugs-
RolandAlderas (admin): You tease >.<
RolandAlderas (admin): Shit
RolandAlderas (admin): That was supposed to be a whisper
RolandAlderas (admin): Stop reading
EnchantressGazella (admin): -is gone to bed with the weiner dog that
has the shitsu head and is named jaimes-
RolandAlderas (admin): AVERT YOUR EYES!!!


RolandAlderas (admin): Yes
RolandAlderas (admin): WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): O_O
RolandAlderas (admin): Jaimes
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): Roland..
RolandAlderas (admin): We have to get back at them
RolandAlderas (admin): Bend over
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): -Snatches him and forcefully pulls him into
a PM.-
RolandAlderas (admin): You're taking it this time!!!!
RolandAlderas (admin): -Is dragged-
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): LIKE HELL I AM!
RolandAlderas (admin): Lol
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): -Smashes him through the door, the both
of them naked.-
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): -Hops out, and clothes himself.-
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): NOW I'm done.
RolandAlderas (admin): D=
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): -Tilts his head at Roland and grins
innocently.- Was I too rough?
RolandAlderas (admin): Pssh.....Is there a too rough? =P
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): ...I'm..Not..Sure..
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): o_o;
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): That's a good question.


AzumiShadowHunter (admin): bouncy bouncy
AzumiShadowHunter (admin): lol
RolandAlderas (admin): Mmmhmm
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): -Doesn't hear the bouncy.-
RolandAlderas (admin): >_>"
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): -Tries to listen?-
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): -Gives up.-
AzumiShadowHunter (admin): ya lucky Jaimes that your room isnt next
AzumiShadowHunter (admin): mine is
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): o.o
RolandAlderas (admin): Would you like to hear the bouncy?
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): What're you talking about, Azumi?
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): Your room is in the middle of Roland's
room and mine. xD
RolandAlderas (admin): We can make it happen. Right here @_@
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): -Grabs Gaz and pulls her into the room.-
AzumiShadowHunter (admin): that sounds way wrong!
********** at 11:38 PM blood fest joined the room
RolandAlderas (admin): -Strips off his clothes and tosses them to the
side- I will show you wrong
EnchantressGazella (admin): o.o
RolandAlderas (admin): @_@
EnchantressGazella (admin): O.O
AzumiShadowHunter (admin): *hides her eyes in Thoros arm*
Thoros (admin): *sees ro and throws up*
blood fest: o.o
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): NoUnderwearLad!
RolandAlderas (admin): Lol
EnchantressGazella (admin): Ro....
RolandAlderas (admin): Gaz
blood fest: : : takes a picture and runs:
Thoros (admin): *looks up and gets sick again*
AzumiShadowHunter (admin): SIS HES NAKED!
EnchantressGazella (admin): @.@ ro
RolandAlderas (admin): -Walks over to Sophi and gently kisses her neck,
his body pressing against hers- >_>"
Thoros (admin): SOPHI....for the love of mike put some damn clothes on
your man and get a room
AzumiShadowHunter (admin): *giggling hard*
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): I don't think Sophi wants to put clothes on
him anymore. >_>
SophiyaAlderas (admin):
Thoros (admin): then please A ROOM!!!! he is making
me sick
RolandAlderas (admin): No Room
RolandAlderas (admin): Right here
RolandAlderas (admin): Right now
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): Kinky.
SophiyaAlderas (admin): O.o
blood fest: o.o
EnchantressGazella (admin): @.@
AzumiShadowHunter (admin): *plants herself in front of Thoros* there
now ya got something to look at*resting her head on his shoulder*
RolandAlderas (admin): God....It is so fun messing with you all -Slips his
golden underwear on-
EnchantressGazella (admin): Ro....
RolandAlderas (admin): Gaz.....I know what you are going to say
Thoros (admin): *smiles* thank god baby i was going blind this is
something to look at
RolandAlderas (admin): can't join in
AzumiShadowHunter (admin): he enjoyed that a bit too much id say
RolandAlderas (admin): @_@
Vampirewolfx3: *has been staring at the moon this whole time*
blood fest: kingle boams XD
EnchantressGazella (admin): damn
EnchantressGazella (admin): v.v
RolandAlderas (admin): Lol
AzumiShadowHunter (admin): lol
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): Excuse me. >.>
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): -Raises hand.- Can I? o.o
EnchantressGazella (admin): >.>
Vampirewolfx3: *sighs*
RolandAlderas (admin): Errrrr....Seeing me in action might turn you Bi
again Jaimes ^_~
AzumiShadowHunter (admin): oh geez
Vampirewolfx3: *moves into her dark lonely corner*
Thoros (admin): whats up linx
RolandAlderas (admin): Lol
EnchantressGazella (admin): @.@ -censors sophi-
EnchantressGazella (admin): XD
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): -Coughs- You might be right, Roland.. -
RolandAlderas (admin): Lol
RolandAlderas (admin): -GASP!-
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): -Violates Roland.-
EnchantressGazella (admin): lmao
RolandAlderas (admin): -DOUBLE GASP!-
Vampirewolfx3: .....
AzumiShadowHunter (admin): linx is everything ok?
EnchantressGazella (admin): >.>
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): Hey...censored is MY thing!
EnchantressGazella (admin): thats how we met XD
Vampirewolfx3: i guess so....
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): Mhm.
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): xD
RolandAlderas (admin): There will be no room ^_^"
AzumiShadowHunter (admin): excuse me for a moment
blood fest: o.o
blood fest: : :cogush sohpi sugjes tu hide ro now!:;coughs:
EnchantressGazella (admin): -first words to jaimes "Can I flirt with
you" first action "-gets censored(doesnt go into detail)-
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): -Giggle- o_O
RolandAlderas (admin): My work is done
RolandAlderas (admin): Azumi ran off
SophiyaAlderas (admin): O.o
RolandAlderas (admin): Thoros is sick
SophiyaAlderas (admin): o.O
RolandAlderas (admin): And everyone else is in awe @_@
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): No.
EnchantressGazella (admin): @.
EnchantressGazella (admin): @
RolandAlderas (admin): Lol
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): I'm not left in awe.
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): I'm left horny. o_O
RolandAlderas (admin): O_O
EnchantressGazella (admin): >.> DAMNIT RO
RolandAlderas (admin): WOOT
RolandAlderas (admin): I've got the power -Dances-
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): Baby.. o_O; It's not a bad thing.
EnchantressGazella (admin): YES SIS
EnchantressGazella (admin): >.>
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): -Pulls her into PM land.-
RolandAlderas (admin): o.o"
EnchantressGazella (admin): -watches jaimes pull the "her" who is ro
into pm land-
EnchantressGazella (admin): >.>
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): ...
RolandAlderas (admin): Naw
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): That made no sense.
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): o.o
RolandAlderas (admin): Fuck that shit
RolandAlderas (admin): @_@
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): And I REFUSE to do that.
RolandAlderas (admin): We ain't playing that game
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): -Mumbles- Today, at least..
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): It's not Monday. ^_~
RolandAlderas (admin): We play like this
RolandAlderas (admin): -Grabs Jaimes and tosses him into a PM-
RolandAlderas (admin): MY TURN!!!!!!!!!!!!
EnchantressGazella (admin): o.o
Thoros (admin): we need a 70s disco party room
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): Pfft.
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): You'll give in after 5 minutes.
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): And you'll be my bitch.
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): ^_^
RolandAlderas (admin): Lol
RolandAlderas (admin): BULL!!!
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): Shit?
RolandAlderas (admin): Yes
EnchantressGazella (admin): -crawls up sophi's shirt-
RolandAlderas (admin): Shit
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): -Nod-
RolandAlderas (admin): >_>"
********** at 11:49 PM blood fest left the room
RolandAlderas (admin): I will give you a violation
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): -Crawls up Gaz's shirt who's currently in
Sophi's shirt.-
AzumiShadowHunter (admin): i didnt run off
Thoros (admin): ok...we seriously need a party
SophiyaAlderas (admin): *is violated*
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): omg
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): A real party? With real alcohol?
AzumiShadowHunter (admin): had to use the restroom))
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): You do NOT want me to go!
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): xD
Thoros (admin): a 70s disco party
AzumiShadowHunter (admin): oh geez
AzumiShadowHunter (admin): lol
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): Sorry, went afk for a bit.
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): But I'm back now.
Thoros (admin): see
RolandAlderas (admin): -Slides off his golden underwear and walks over
to Sophi, leaning into her frame gently, his naked body pressing up
against hers as he gently lifts her shirt up, letting Gaz and Jaimes to fall
to the floor, Roland pushing Sophi gently against the wall of the coven,
his lips gently kissing on her neck as he prepares to give the forum one,
huge violation-
AzumiShadowHunter (admin): goes to her room and walks down
dressed like her favorite singer*
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): Are you challenging the title of The
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): I refuse to let you win!
EnchantressGazella (admin): o.o
EnchantressGazella (admin): -hides in her hair-
Thoros (admin): *goes to their room and comes back dressed like a
saturday night fever reject*
RolandAlderas (admin): -He would move both of his hands along her
thighs, gently rubbing on her thighs and body as he lifts her up, his body
pushing against hers so that Sophi is trapped between the walll and
Roland's naked body, his lips gently kissing and sucking on Sophi's
neck, his tongue flicking out every so often followed by small nibbles on
her neck. Holding her by her thighs, he would gently push and rotate his
naked hips against hers, not caring about everyone else in the room-
Thoros (admin): well love what do ya think
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): -He doesn't bother to remove his clothes,
but rather changes into kinkier ones, pantlegs that strap onto tight
underwear, revealing some skin. He pulls Gaz from her hair and picks
her up, forcing her legs to wrap around his waist, he immediately goes
for her neck, but doesn't gently kiss it, but rather bites down on it,
close to piercing her skin.-
Thoros (admin): FOR GODS SAKE GET A ROOM!!!!
SophiyaAlderas (admin): baby *she would wrap her legs around his
waist and use the wall to press her body back against his*
Thoros (admin): and you said me and azumi were bad
********** at 11:55 PM Thoros (admin) left the room
SophiyaAlderas (admin): >.>
SophiyaAlderas (admin): <<
EnchantressGazella (admin): -growls into a purr she slides her hands
through his hair slowly before gripping tight onto his hair and tightens
her legs around him as she pushes his fangs into her neck deeper-
AzumiShadowHunter (admin): *pulls the shades down* wow
AzumiShadowHunter (admin): []
AzumiShadowHunter (admin): my favorite singer
RolandAlderas (admin): Lol
RolandAlderas (admin): Thoros is scared shitless
********** at 12:00 AM AzumiShadowHunter (admin) left the room
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): -He runs his hands along her skin, trying
to dig under the clothing that she had on, and he dug through with
fierceness. He tried desperately, that he was beginning to tear at the
fabric. He released his grip on her neck and moved his lips downward,
kissing with every inch he passes. He pushes her down on the closes
thing that was cushiony, the couch. He runs his hands along her
thighs, moving up her sides, reaching every inch of her body. He
grabbed her by the wrists next and held down her arms, sliding his
tongue along the sensitive skin. He could feel her body relaxing into
the couch, he laid himself down upon her as well. His lips travelled
upward once more, till he placed the sweetest of kissings upon her
lips. He then quickly dug his tongue into her mouth, carressing the
smooth interior gently. He played with her fangs from time to time, till
he eventually cut his tongue on one of them, allowing her to taste his
blood. All the while, his body was moving violently against hers.-
EnchantressGazella (admin): @.@
********** at 12:04 AM Thoros (admin) joined the room
Thoros (admin): hey who wants to join me and azumi in our disco room
Thoros (admin): linx? bout you ya want to party with me and azumi
EnchantressGazella (admin): -she relaxes and tightens her grip in his
hair a few times as he moves to the couch and lays her down on it,
moaning softly as she feels his lips travel on her skin and kissing him
back softly as he kisses her lips. She feels his tongue move quickly
into her mouth, she glides her tongue along his slowly before she
tastes his sweet blood upon her tongue, she softly starts to suck upon
his tongue savoring the taste, pressing her body into his while she
feels his into hers-
********** at 12:06 AM Thoros (admin) left the room
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): (lmao Thoros comes back in just to see
more. xD And he leaves!)
EnchantressGazella (admin): (>.> -thinks her and jaimes win-)
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): (-Thinks so, too.-)
Jaimes Tharmouth (admin): (-That, or Sophi and Roland gave up
because they went to a PM?-)
EnchantressGazella (admin): (prob)
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