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PostSubject: RaiValentine @ Chatango   RaiValentine @ Chatango Icon_minitimeSat May 30, 2015 7:24 pm

"You know what would be scary? Having sex with a possed girl. If I had sex with a possed girl everytime she orgasms her eyes go white and she speaks some ghost language, if so, I would have to run out in the crowd naked. I'm dead serious. Fuck the clothes I'm gone."


xxsasukeuchihaxx (02:05:58 AM): your curfew with him is EXACTLY 10:00 PM Missy im counting seconds
vixanne (02:06:04 AM): o.O
xxsasukeuchihaxx (02:06:11 AM): yes
xxsasukeuchihaxx (02:06:17 AM): its 10:00 PM
vixanne (02:06:23 AM): >.> its 2 am
xxsasukeuchihaxx (02:06:28 AM): with your boyfriend
vixanne (02:06:41 AM): yea but its 2 am now
xxsasukeuchihaxx (02:06:48 AM): and your still the way i want you
xxsasukeuchihaxx (02:06:50 AM): clean
vixanne (02:06:54 AM): o.o
xxsasukeuchihaxx (02:07:01 AM): clean and drug free
vixanne (02:07:07 AM): O.o
xxsasukeuchihaxx (02:07:17 AM): thats what i have to say
vixanne (02:07:22 AM): -skitters off to bed with lord-
xxsasukeuchihaxx (02:07:27 AM): NO
xxsasukeuchihaxx (02:07:31 AM): YOUNG LADY
xxsasukeuchihaxx (02:07:38 AM): GET BACK HERE
xxsasukeuchihaxx (02:07:53 AM): Y-Y-YOUR GROUNDED
vixanne (02:07:57 AM): -humps lord all night long again-
xxsasukeuchihaxx (02:08:24 AM): NOOOO MY MOTHER A HUMPPING LORD ADDICT
vixanne (02:08:39 AM): lmao night


raivalentine (11:42:51 PM): want a child..
vixanne (11:42:56 PM): >.>
raivalentine (11:44:29 PM): Well I gotta job for you baby, right here -points down at his zipper- see the zipper is broken
raivalentine (11:44:30 PM): XD
vixanne (11:44:41 PM): -Slaps him.-
vixanne (11:44:53 PM): You do not joke with your mother like that!
vixanne (11:45:06 PM): Take it to someone who knows how to fix it!
raivalentine (11:47:33 PM): Ow....
raivalentine (11:47:50 PM): -mutters-....bitch...ow...that hurt...
vixanne (11:48:03 PM): -.- Do you want to be punished?
raivalentine (11:51:14 PM): -runs-
raivalentine (11:52:45 PM): You'll never take me alive!
vixanne (11:53:01 PM): >.> -Goes back to her business.-


raivalentine (11:27:04 PM): WO.,OW -nosebleed-
vixanne (11:27:09 PM):
raivalentine (11:27:51 PM): -has a funny feeling in his pants while he has a nosebleed-
vixanne (11:27:59 PM): >.> im your mother
raivalentine (11:28:08 PM): Not really.
raivalentine (11:28:10 PM): W>_>W
raivalentine (11:31:14 PM): Then why would you show me pictures of you naked?
raivalentine (11:31:19 PM): WO.,OW
vixanne (11:31:36 PM): Lol I'm showing others too
raivalentine (11:32:11 PM): Something bad will happen to you when you post it to the wrong man.
vixanne (11:32:23 PM): lol
raivalentine (11:32:38 PM): Am I one of those men?
raivalentine (11:32:47 PM): Am I? WO.,oW
vixanne (11:32:47 PM): no
raivalentine (11:33:08 PM): I could be? or am I? WO.,oW
vixanne (11:33:18 PM): Go to you room.
raivalentine (11:33:26 PM): Nooo.
raivalentine (11:33:32 PM): You can't make me.
vixanne (11:33:46 PM): -.- Go or I'm letting Zane call you son.
raivalentine (11:34:53 PM): NOOOOOO
raivalentine (11:34:58 PM): ANYTHING BUT THAT.
vixanne (11:35:04 PM): Then Go!
raivalentine (11:35:17 PM): You can't make me goo. I won't do it.
vixanne (11:35:28 PM): Ok then Zane is calling you son.
raivalentine (11:35:42 PM): -sits down on the ground with his funny feeling in his pants- No he won't.
vixanne (11:35:56 PM): -Walks out.-
raivalentine (11:36:11 PM): Yay I win.
raivalentine (11:36:15 PM): -gets up-
vixanne (11:36:31 PM): -Went to leave a note for Zane.-
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