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PostSubject: TisimeXXI @ Chatango   TisimeXXI @ Chatango Icon_minitimeSat May 30, 2015 7:29 pm

"Your not just the smexiest but your like the martha sewart of music you just have great taste, but you wont get arrested for inside trading nu uh."


tisimexxi (10:44:57 PM): HOLY!!!!!
tisimexxi (10:45:08 PM): You missed it my dog fll down the steps this morning
vixanne (10:45:15 PM): O.o
tisimexxi (10:45:24 PM): She did like a super ultra omega 40 yard butt slide it was surreal.
vixanne (10:45:32 PM): o.O ok
tisimexxi (10:45:50 PM): Just thought i should notify you.
vixanne (10:45:57 PM): lol ok
tisimexxi (10:45:58 PM): Its not everyday that happens you know.
tisimexxi (10:46:39 PM): Then some reason my medication got me asking
tisimexxi (10:46:49 PM): if i was a girl what type of girl would i be?
vixanne (10:47:01 PM): o.O idk
tisimexxi (10:47:25 PM): Eh * Shrugs * Id be a whore.
tisimexxi (10:47:34 PM): Id be everywhere like paris hilton.


tisimexxi (11:18:46 PM): Damn....I just might write a bible about you.
tisimexxi (11:18:52 PM): Well in your name.
vixanne (11:19:12 PM): o.O
tisimexxi (11:19:37 PM): Then creat a religoin called Vixannesim.
vixanne (11:20:12 PM): o.o wow


tisimexxi (11:30:08 PM): * Whispers in her ear * Whos KrisKaotic?
vixanne (11:30:19 PM): Tony
tisimexxi (11:30:33 PM): Tony.......Montana?
vixanne (11:30:47 PM): redgrave
tisimexxi (11:31:07 PM): Dont know who that is......he just messaged me, thats why i asked.
vixanne (11:31:24 PM): ah ok
tisimexxi (11:35:29 PM): tisimexxi (11:31:14 PM): Fine. You know me?kriskaotic (11:31:26 PM): Yes. O.o Sorta.tisimexxi (11:32:53 PM): What do you mean by sorta?kriskaotic (11:33:10 PM): I don't. Know you. ._. But. I know you. o.otisimexxi (11:33:44 PM): You know of me......Ah.kriskaotic (11:33:59 PM): Yeah, that's it.kriskaotic (11:34:07 PM): Wanna be owned in another thumb war? Dx *That bored*tisimexxi (11:34:27 PM): * Thinks back about his porn days * You havent happen to see me in any videos eh?
vixanne (11:36:02 PM): porn days * You havent happen to see me in any videos eh?
tisimexxi (11:36:39 PM): You? No never.........* Begins to sweat *
vixanne (11:36:55 PM): o.O It cut off there
tisimexxi (11:37:30 PM): * lifts up his forearm wiping the sweat off of his forehead * Right heheh..........
vixanne (11:37:55 PM): O.o send the rest
tisimexxi (11:38:30 PM): Id rather not * Smirks *
vixanne (11:38:42 PM): Why?
tisimexxi (11:38:57 PM): Okay Okay maybe ive seen one or two.......
vixanne (11:39:05 PM): What?
tisimexxi (11:39:27 PM): Porn Videos including you.......
vixanne (11:39:42 PM): o.O What the fuck?!
tisimexxi (11:40:01 PM): * Raises arms * What!????
tisimexxi (11:40:14 PM): Just the Christmas and Thanksgiving specials @_@
vixanne (11:40:21 PM): O.o WHAT PORNS?!
tisimexxi (11:40:42 PM): The ones you know *Shrugs*
vixanne (11:40:56 PM): o.O NO
tisimexxi (11:41:29 PM): The Camera WAS moving pretty fast maybe it wasnt you.....or it was your evil twin?............
vixanne (11:41:38 PM): O.o
tisimexxi (11:41:58 PM): After all....I heard she is a freak heheheeee.......
vixanne (11:42:26 PM): o.O -is so lost-
tisimexxi (11:42:49 PM): Yeah uh huh riiiiiight act like you dont know........hehehe


tisimexxi (12:57:24 AM): Doesnt Pepto Bismol help headaches?
vixanne (12:57:28 AM): no
tisimexxi (12:57:33 AM): o.o
tisimexxi (12:57:42 AM): Are you serious -_-
vixanne (12:57:46 AM): yea
tisimexxi (12:58:05 AM): Fucking tony, ive been using that shit for the past month for headaches
vixanne (12:58:11 AM): o.O
vixanne (12:58:41 AM): thats kinda funny
tisimexxi (12:59:02 AM): Why What is it for?
vixanne (12:59:13 AM): XD lmao
tisimexxi (12:59:23 AM): What!? TELL ME!!
vixanne (12:59:49 AM): heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, nausea, or diarrhea,
tisimexxi (01:00:02 AM): WTF!!!!!
tisimexxi (01:00:07 AM): Thats some bullshit
vixanne (01:00:12 AM): omg lmao
vixanne (01:00:16 AM): XD
tisimexxi (01:00:19 AM): I thought it was working tooo damn
tisimexxi (01:00:23 AM): XD
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TisimeXXI @ Chatango
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