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PostSubject: ZaneRousseau @ Chatango   ZaneRousseau @ Chatango Icon_minitimeSat May 30, 2015 7:35 pm

zanerousseau (01:33:07 PM): Because of that picture
zanerousseau (01:33:14 PM): You scare me
vixanne (01:33:23 PM): XD lmao
zanerousseau (01:33:49 PM): o__o....
zanerousseau (01:33:59 PM): :Takes two steps back:
vixanne (01:34:04 PM): >.>
vixanne (01:34:24 PM): -Walks closer.-
zanerousseau (01:34:43 PM): :Takes four steps back: .___.
vixanne (01:35:01 PM): -Walks closer still.-
zanerousseau (01:35:31 PM): :Takes 20 steps back: .__.
vixanne (01:35:48 PM): -Moves with Celerity behind him.-
zanerousseau (01:37:37 PM): :Runs into a small cave and holds a Wooden stake in his right hand while holding a 2L Coke bottle filled with Holy Water in his left hand: ._____."
vixanne (01:38:21 PM): XD -Falls over laughing her ass off.-
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ZaneRousseau @ Chatango
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