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 Random Pawning

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PostSubject: Random Pawning   Random Pawning Icon_minitimeSat May 30, 2015 7:51 pm

axelstrife (10:37:34 PM): -Kicks her in the shin- Stop making Adonsi upset, you meany D:
vixanne (10:38:45 PM): -Watches him kick a dog in the shin.-
axelstrife (10:39:13 PM): Heheh Adonsi right you ARE a bitch -Skitters away-
vixanne (10:39:26 PM): Uh duh.
axelstrife (10:41:01 PM): STUPI HEAD! -Throws a fireball at Vixanne from a distance and runs away even more-
vixanne (10:41:33 PM): -Raises an eyebrow as the fireball falls short and turns into a puff of smoke.- Ok.....
axelstrife (11:05:10 PM): -Setting fire to his hand, Xael would smirk, raising the lit hand above his head. He then stuck out his right leg, his foot lightly on the ground befoe he span on hsi left foot, thrice to build up speed, clenching his fist before on the third spin, Xael threw the fire at Vixanne, and as he threw it, it grew to be 50 metres wide and 40 metres high, travellign at a speed of 50 feet per second, hot enough to scorch the ground bare and shrivel flesh easily-
axelstrife (11:05:15 PM): So don't fuckign forget it
vixanne (11:06:16 PM): -Watches him throw this fire in the other direction at a tree named Vixanne.- Uh huh....-Turns and walks away yawning.- Learn to spell.
axelstrife (11:10:05 PM): -Smirks as he flicks his wrist, focusing on the flame as it disappears, and as he does, the air around Vixanne Foxwilds grows 4 degrees colder.- Never mind the cold air, it's not that bad. -Xael then clapped his hands together, as he started to laugh manically, as a 10 metre radius around Vix suddenly super heated, the oxygen evaporating straight away. Fresh air then poured into the area, but as it did, the oxygen within it combusted due to the heat, surrounding and smothering Vixanne in fla
vixanne (11:11:08 PM): -Still walking off as his flame thing goes after someone named Vixanne Foxwilds.-
axelstrife (11:11:44 PM): Watch the bitch walk -Wolf whistles as he walks away too- Maybe the guys your screwing might grow some balls and stop taking cock from you
vixanne (11:12:50 PM): -Yawns to his lame comeback.- Thanks for the whistle hunny, I know I'm sexy but I don't need anymore fans. Though speaking of cock, I hope you enjoy being Adonis bitch. Do you take his cock in the ass or does he take yours?
axelstrife (11:15:17 PM): Lame comebck? Look in a mirror ya Whore. The only people who hang out with you are people who have mental problems, at thats saying it nicely. And i'm not Adonis's bitch, i'm his friend, so we don't have gay sex, though i know a fat chick like you likes to fantasise about two young boys having gay sex, so whats that now, you're a stupid, fat, whorish, AIDS infested pedophile who is like the village pony, anyone can get a free ride
vixanne (11:17:35 PM): Lol, that was really funny, but why don't you try coming up with something that hasn't been used a thousand times like your ass by Adonis. If you are his friend and not his bitch then don't come at me like you can get me, let him grow some balls and do it himself. Yes I do hang with the insane, they are more lively than those who think they are normal. Like Talley, she is my hardcore whore sister.


I had told him not to send his bitch to me.

adonislacrima (11:34:40 PM): Oh, wow. He comes because he cares for me, not because he wants to earn points to sleep with me or gain privileges in some tuberculosis infested rp wish lastes only about a month like all those you create.
vixanne (11:35:11 PM): Why are you still messaging me? Did your bitch come crying to you or something?
adonislacrima (11:35:50 PM): Oh, just because you mesaged me last and I didn't noticed.
adonislacrima (11:35:51 PM): lol
vixanne (11:36:12 PM): Well why don't you stop, neither of us likes the other so it would be for the best.
adonislacrima (11:36:35 PM): Ah idk, I love to hate you I guess
vixanne (11:37:21 PM): Aww thanks, they say hatred is the sincerist form of jealousy and that you only hate what you can't have. Hmmm, no wonder I don't hate you, I just don't like you.
adonislacrima (11:37:36 PM): XDD
adonislacrima (11:39:02 PM): cliches, weren't you bithcing to mat about not being original? Anyways, jelaous about you could only be someone dying of hunger that Macdonnalds and extra fat must be a heaven to them.
vixanne (11:39:42 PM): You realize that made no sense right?
adonislacrima (11:42:22 PM): Im too lazzy to re-write it again the typos, still, its pretty obvious the meaning. I guess brain damage doesn't help much to understanding simple things. o-o
vixanne (11:42:59 PM): Sorry I just don't speak retard.
adonislacrima (11:43:30 PM): XD
adonislacrima (11:43:56 PM): I bet thats the only literature you read, random internet quotes.
adonislacrima (11:44:06 PM): famous and known by all
vixanne (11:44:21 PM): Oh, that was a quote? Hmm, guess you learn something new everyday.
adonislacrima (11:45:28 PM): mhm
vixanne (11:46:00 PM): Now, why don't you learn to stop sending your "friends" to me and get your own set of balls and say shit to my face yourself.
adonislacrima (11:46:22 PM): I didn't send him
adonislacrima (11:46:30 PM): he came out of his own free will
adonislacrima (11:46:45 PM): and, I don't need to say anything to you o-o
vixanne (11:47:00 PM): Well then learn to stop talking about me, I mean I know you seem to love to hate me aka obsession, but stop.
adonislacrima (11:49:28 PM): lol I don't talk about you. I had forgoten completely about you and someone told me something about you today, and I was like : "Oh yeah, I dislike her" o-o
adonislacrima (11:50:06 PM): anyways, we have freedom of speech ^^
adonislacrima (11:50:25 PM): so, in any case, I don't need to learn anything
vixanne (11:50:34 PM): Oh, you are still speaking to me? Hmm, ok, yea sure...-Walks off.-
adonislacrima (11:51:07 PM): lol bye bye
adonislacrima (11:51:29 PM): Oh just one last question
adonislacrima (11:51:31 PM): may I? o-o
vixanne (11:52:38 PM): Are you waiting on me to ask what it is or are you going to use your freedom of speech and ask it.
adonislacrima (11:52:45 PM): XD
vixanne (11:52:48 PM): Apparently wait for me to ask...
adonislacrima (11:53:06 PM): hehe
adonislacrima (11:53:25 PM): is it true that Talley is your closest friend? o.O
vixanne (11:53:33 PM): One of them, yes.
adonislacrima (11:53:38 PM): hehe
adonislacrima (11:53:58 PM): Well, thanks for answering
vixanne (11:54:04 PM): Uh huh..


fellhona (01:46:48 PM): You, me, bumping pretties/
fellhona (01:46:50 PM): ?*
fellhona (01:46:51 PM): ;o?
fellhona (01:49:58 PM): Yes?
fellhona (01:50:00 PM): No?
fellhona (01:50:06 PM): maybe so/
fellhona (01:50:07 PM): ?*
vixanne (01:51:32 PM): Let me ask you something, did you fall off the short bus? Did your mother repeatedly drop you on your head as a baby? Did you eat strange berries as a kid?
fellhona (01:51:58 PM): T_T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
vixanne (01:52:27 PM): I'm guessing so since you don't seem to get the clue that I don't like you and that you should leave me alone.


sirsasuke: Well hallaoween must have been easy for you, as your alwways in costume.
vixanne: Yea it was great.
sirsasuke: Thought so xD
vixanne: Can you leave now? You are ruining my costume.
sirsasuke (01:09:03 PM): No, I like being around here, And that costume is already ruined.
vixanne (01:09:53 PM): Yea, your aura destroys everything its around. Like a girls will to have sex.
sirsasuke (01:10:30 PM): LOL, so your saying Girls don't like me?
vixanne (01:11:04 PM): No, I'm saying they would have had sex till you came around, you ruined that too.
sirsasuke (01:12:03 PM): I get you, well you like a man repeller, dudes hate you.
sirsasuke (01:12:04 PM): xD
vixanne (01:12:57 PM): Yea thats why I have about 5 guys asking me out everyday. Thats why you still bug me after I turned you down many times. Damn, just my luck that guys would hate me, whatever shall I do.
sirsasuke (01:13:46 PM): Wait, how have you turned medown when I have never asked you out.
sirsasuke (01:13:59 PM): Kasei said you turned me down too , but I ever tried it with you.
sirsasuke (01:14:07 PM): never*
vixanne (01:14:13 PM): Ah how easy you forget things when they don't go your way.
sirsasuke (01:15:22 PM): All I did was mess around with you, joking to flirt.
sirsasuke (01:15:30 PM): Don't flatter yourself over it.
vixanne (01:16:04 PM): Oh trust me I don't take it as flatter, everytime you speak to me I have to go shower 20 times.
sirsasuke (01:17:21 PM): Lol, that was funny a little.
vixanne (01:18:18 PM): Yea sorta like, well I'm sure you can figure that out.
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Random Pawning
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