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 Websites I'm part of

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PostSubject: Websites I'm part of   Websites I'm part of Icon_minitimeSun May 31, 2015 3:51 pm

The following is a list of websites that I'm part of if anyone would like to find me.

Description: IMVU stands for Instant Messenger Virtual Universe. You get to create an avatar to your liking, buy/build outfits, homes, and much more while meeting a variety of the world in these virtual places.

Website: Alt:
Description: Originally created for industrial music, it has become much more. From music, products, cults, to a chatroom. I can mainly be found in the chatroom meeting new people.

Description: Pretty sure everyone knows what Youtube is by now lol.

Website: (currently unavailable) Alt:
Description: Similar to that of IMVU, this universe though is so much more. People have even come to make a living through the SL universe.

Description: The site can be used from blogging, journals, and more. Mine is used for writing about a specific subject, my heart.

Description: A chat site basically, you can create textbase chats to add to websites and more, though the site now offers much more. I have more than just the single name on there, but it is the only one I log into anymore.

Yes I do have a facebook and Skype, but no I don't just share those with anyone.
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Websites I'm part of
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