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 Your Promise

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PostSubject: Your Promise   Your Promise Icon_minitimeSun May 31, 2015 3:58 pm

Written in 2000
For Lance

You made a promise to me,
You said that it would always be.
Be the way I saw it,
Where we could just sit.
Sit and talk about everything,
Even about nothing.
Nothing mattered when we were together,
And how you said things would be better.
Better in our love,
That we wouldn't fight and shove.
Shove like our parents did,
But now its a bid.
Bid of right and wrong,
Please let me be strong.
Strong in my heart,
I never wanted us to part.
Part we did all the time,
It was such a crime.
Crime that you took my love,
And flew away like a dove.
Dove can care more,
For my heart you tore.
Tore away what could be,
Of the promise you made me.
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Your Promise
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