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PostSubject: Tears    Tears       Icon_minitimeSun May 31, 2015 4:15 pm

Written in 2003

She waits for him, loves him, and adores him. Finally he is home after a night with another woman. She questions him and he beats her, she cries. This happens almost everyday and all she does is cry. Finally one day he comes home and beats her till she is real bloody. She tries to go for the phone, before she can reach it he shoots her in the head. She no longer cries, but realization pops into him and he cries. He does not cry for her, he cries for himself. The children come down the stairs from the noise. They see their mother lying there on the floor. The son asks what's wrong with mommy while the girl starts to cry. The father looks up at them and without a second thought he shoots them both. Then he finally thinks to himself and asks was it worth it, the gun goes off for one last time.
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