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 Poem 1

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PostSubject: Poem 1    Poem 1      Icon_minitimeSun May 31, 2015 4:17 pm

Written in 2003

We never stop
My cherry he popped
We will rock
All around the block
The sex is so hot
That it can't be bought
We'll do it till dawn
Out on the front lawn
And when it starts to rain
He will cause more pleasure than pain
It is so great
We do it on every date
And after he has fed
I give him head
We do it all the time
You would think it was a crime
He loves to screw
And I sure do too
When we fuck
He doesn't have to pay me a buck
You can sure bet
That he makes me all wet
It is so fun
That we have done it a ton
Sometimes I get so kinky
He doesn't have to lift a pinky
When he gets all ready
He takes off my teddy
Sometimes we role play
Once we did it in the hay
I was cleaning out the barn
When he arrived on the farm
He took me right there
Who he was I didn't care
When my daddy found us
He sent me away on a bus
When I came back
I found out he was the son of Mack
Mack died and owned a store
I wanted to find out more
I found Mack's son
And I did not run
I wanted him so
He wanted me to go
Go find a dress
Perfect on and nothing less
We go married
Up the stairs he carried
We did it again
It was no sin
It is such great sex
He will never be my ex
We've done it in the pool
And on top of a stool
On a swing we hang
Right there we bang
He will do some painting
And then some mating
As I'm laying out getting a tan
He will come up as some man
He says he has a package for me
So I go inside to see
Right there we do it
Thats all I'm telling so don't have a fit
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Poem 1
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