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PostSubject: Elmo    Sun May 31, 2015 4:19 pm

Written in 2003
For Chris

Tiny Elmo woke up
Tiny Elmo hung like a pup
Tiny Elmo went to the mall
Tiny Elmo had a great fall
Tiny Elmo landed on his winnie
Tiny Elmo is now real tinnie
Tiny Elmo went to the doctor
Tiny Elmo needed a thingyoproctor
Tiny Elmo went and found one
Tiny Elmo wasn't having fun
Tiny Elmo wanted to be long
Tiny Elmo like a donkey hung
Tiny Elmo met a girl
Tiny Elmo made the girl hurl
Tiny Elmo was way too big
Tiny Elmo was as big as a rig
Tiny Elmo went back to get it fixed
Tiny Elmo got mixed
Tiny Elmo now sits and sighs
Tiny Elmo is now bi
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