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 Poem 2

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PostSubject: Poem 2    Poem 2         Icon_minitimeSun May 31, 2015 4:20 pm

Written in 2003

I love my guy
As he unzips my fly
He can make me wet
I sure do bet
It is such fun
We have sex a ton
He likes it when I get kinky
Because he can't lift a pinky
Handcuffs, whips, and chains
He sure does not complain
We sometimes do it on the stairs
An adrenaline rush at the county fairs
After we got drunk at a bar
We did it in someones car
We always go home
From our room we never roam
I tie him all up
And then go get a cup
A cup full of whip cream
You would think that this was a dream
I stick his thingy in it
He sure did not go into a fit
I go and get the can
He knows what I have planned
I spray him up and down
He definitely does not frown
I start at his chest and down I lick
All the way to his thingy
I do not miss a spot
He is getting really hot
But once he had cum
It was no longer fun
He likes to be a cop
And me he stops
He says I've done wrong
For walking around in my thong
He takes me inside
There I go for a ride
He handcuffs me to the bed
A bad girl I've been he said
He has his way
What a good lay
Just once in a while
We will do it on the kitchen tile
Up on the counter top
We never want to stop
The sex lasts really long
Then we go and smoke out of the bong
Sometimes we get so high
We fuck until I cry
Sometimes we do rest
The sex after wards is the best
We have joined the mile high club
Right after we got drunk in a pub
We flew to Florida
To have sex on the beach, duh
We did it in a water bed
Almost till we were dead
He loves it when I wear all leather
And tickle him with a feather
We pull an all nighter
When ever I become a biter
We will do it under a waterfall
Then George of the Jungle I'll call
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Poem 2
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