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 Response to Marvell

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PostSubject: Response to Marvell   Response to Marvell Icon_minitimeSun May 31, 2015 4:32 pm

Written in 2003
Class assignment

I understand what you want from me,
I'm not sure what to tell thee.
I know that we don't live forever,
And that you want us to get together.
Yet the way that you feel,
For me, is not really real.
You are just attracted to my beauty,
And my big round booty.
My feelings for you I need to show,
I don't have feelings for you so my answer is no.
With my long-preserved virginity,
It just might last an eternity.
I think I want to wait till I'm wed,
But definitely not till I'm dead.
So maybe I should think about it again,
Without committing any sin.
You are right that life ends,
Yet new life does begin.
On my finger you put a ring,
Then a hymn we will sing.
Then you may take me away,
For three days there we will stay.
At first I might have some fear,
And even shed a little tear.
So before I go up above,
Show me your true love.
So I may be a coyness lady,
But your love for me is very shady.
So please don't tell me a lie,
And maybe we will give it a try.
So before I go to my grave,
I want to be brave.
If you love me lets tie the knot,
Buy a home on a lot.
Then we will embrace,
Before God I have to face.
I refuse to commit a sin,
Then it would just be fin.
Marry me and the answer's yes,
And don't think of me any less.
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Response to Marvell
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