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PostSubject: Good-Bye    Good-Bye   Icon_minitimeSun May 31, 2015 4:37 pm

Written in 2003
For Kensey

To David McKensey "Kensey" Sirmans
3/14/89 - 2/12/03

You got my attention the first time we met. I knew I wanted you to me mine. You told me that you would never hurt me. I said that I will have to see. Over time I fell in love with you. And I hoped your love for me was true. But yours ended up being a lie. And it really made me cry. You said that everyone was wrong. You even tried to sing me a song. So I gave you a second chance. You ended up doing a little dance. But yet people said it again. You had led astray. So we broke up. But you still followed me like a pup. So I gave you another one. Yet things weren't as fun. Astray you went again. So I thought it would be fin. But I ended up missing you so much. I ended up cutting open my toe. Like a hero, you cant to my rescue and helped me. I thought we would forever be. This time you were true and loyal. Yet people still tried to foil with our love. But one night something happened, which made us fight. You demanded to know who. I just couldn't tell you. It was your brother that I kissed. But you I sure do miss. Right there you ended it. But I didn't go into a fit. I just turned and walked away. Not another word did I say. You went with a girl in the fifth grade. As our love started to fad. I guess our love was strong and would not end. You came back to me again. For a couple of days we were together. The problems between us seemed to be better. Then you ended up moving away. Without a good-bye to say. From the last day I saw you. Four days later it couldn't be true. I was told you died the night before. I didn't want to hear anymore. Thirteen what a young age to die. Now with the angels you fly. I didn't want it to be true. I cried the whole day through. You died in an accident with a car. It flipped and you hit the tar. They didn't take you to the hospital, instead they just pronounced you dead. The driver was just fine. Everyone will heal from this in time. To your funeral I will go. There my feelings will show. I really miss you. And everyone else will too. You were such a great friend. My love for you will never bend. Your death February 12, 2003 was the day. You wanted things a certain way. You told me you wanted me to be your wife, have kids, and with you spend the rest of my life. But that will never be. For your face, again I will never see. It's you I just wanted to tell. For you I really fell. In my memories there will be you. With your eyes a green hue. Your smile seemed to be corky, your laugh was really dorky. Your laugh I'd give anything to hear. I won't though I fear. You told me that you loved me. Of any pain you are now free. All the time you ran. You had a future plan. But God had a different one. He took you up with his son. I will never see your smile. of tissues there's a great pile. When I go to see you, this will make me very blue. Forget you I will never. Because always and forever, you will be in my heart. There you and me will never part. Together I wish we could be. You will always get to see me. For a long time I will, have to wait to fell your warm touch again. It was fate this happened. You would of made a great husband. But now I will cry, as I say my last Good-Bye!
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