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Written May 2005
For Chad London Hogan

How can I tell you I love you,
With your eyes so blue.
The look you would give me,
Trying not to let her see.
Listen, you would actually do it,
Yet she was always causing a fit.
Remembering is what I must do,
Of the moments I had with you.
Also that she is your wife,
And giving birth to new life.
I wish you both great joy,
With your new little girl or boy.
Granted, she shouldn't take you for,
For a piece of my heart was tore.
You cheered me up,
Now I whine for you like a pup.
My life is dark without you,
Wondering if you love me too.
Here I always want to be,
So you will be able to find me.
But I just wanted you to know,
That I love you so.
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