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 The Moment

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PostSubject: The Moment   The Moment Icon_minitimeSun May 31, 2015 4:42 pm

Written Dec. 13, 2006
Inspired by James Battraw

We meet, we greet. A gentle hug to start, but slowly look into each others eyes. There it is, the click, the electricity. Senses rise as everything else fades. The past, the other people, nothing matters but this moment. The moment we met and fell in love at first sight. My luscious lips meet yours and the heat rises. So soft and full of taste. Our tongues glide in sync, never missing a moment. Mmm is all we can think, that and how we ever lived without the other! I slowly pull away with a nibble on your lips, but I can't stop, I need more so I bite down just a little too hard. Your lip starts to bleed, but we are too busy to care. Passion is overwhelming as we move to your room. Nothing can stop us as we ravage each other. We have connected mentally and now physically. Our bodies are in groove, as if one, we know what the other wants. Ohhh you just hit the spot, to keep myself from screaming I have to bite down. I connect with your shoulder, it's so going to leave a scar. You in return glide your hands over my silky skin. Blood trickles on my breasts from my lips where you have just bitten. You lick mt milky white breasts. Our one moment has turned into eight hours. Eight hours of moans, bites, and a lasting memory. Don't you want that one moment?
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The Moment
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