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 Love is for Losers

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PostSubject: Love is for Losers   Love is for Losers Icon_minitimeSun May 31, 2015 4:49 pm

Written in 2007
To Matt S. my Dark Prince

You think of darkness
And that you are fearless
I have news for you
What I speak is true
Don't be afraid of it
For a fire you have lit
Love is not for losers
Its a big fussier
It draws two people together
Some for the better
Love is everlasting
Like a spell casting
So let it in
Your heart covered in tin
People come and go
But love will always show
You may not love me
Love will find thee
There's no way to escape
It's like a rape
Against your own free will
Going in for the kill
It may leave you in pain
Not even able to be washed away by rain
So fight all you want
Though love is very blunt
So don't give up on true love
Though go ahead and shove
Everyone is cursed in this way
And live with it day by day
Love does hurt, but is great as well
Just come out of your shell
You need to fight for it
Love does cause quite a bit
But its worth all it in the end
Even for a heart that's tined
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Love is for Losers
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