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 Crazy Emotions

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PostSubject: Crazy Emotions   Crazy Emotions Icon_minitimeSun May 31, 2015 4:51 pm

Written in 2007

The pain in my heart, why is it there.
It over comes my happiness, turns it into dispair.
The love once so warm and inviting.
Now turning cold, frost biting.
I love him yet not just him.
Why must it be them?
What happened to me, where did I go?
As much as I try to hide, my true feelings show.
Why can't it be simple, just only be one?
These crazy emotions, I want to be done!
What should I do, who should I love?
Why must with my emotions I fight and shove?
Please someone give me the answer!
I feel as though I am being eaten away with cancer.
Who do I love, who to be with?
It seems that simplicity is just a myth.
So I love him and him, not just one.
Sigh, these crazy emotions I wish were done.
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Crazy Emotions
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