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 If Love is True

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PostSubject: If Love is True   Sun May 31, 2015 5:01 pm

Written in 2007
Inspired by Zane

Broken and lost without you, What am I to do
Have you by my side, I need to lose my pride
I flirt and I guess it makes you feel like dirt
But your anger puts our relationship in danger
Why cant you see that its just you and me
I don't want any other for without you I suffer
You are the one I love even when we fight and shove
My heart it aches, my heart it breaks
Why must we fight, it just isnt right
I want to be with you, hell I even thought of saying "I do"
You are the one I want to kiss, You are the one I so do miss
You are the one that is hurting me, Just as I am hurting thee
Why can't we work this out, without having to shout
What can we do, if our love is true
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If Love is True
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