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 Love Life

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PostSubject: Love Life    Love Life     Icon_minitimeSun May 31, 2015 10:23 pm

Written July 2008

This life full of love, how do we know it exists, we breathe, we walk, we eat, we talk, what is the meaning to it all, for the love of life is craved, we all strive to keep it, we all hold that dark desire to end it though, so why do we go on with it, we know no other way, it is in our nature, it is in our blood, it is the love of life, and the life of love, for without the life love does not exist, it fails, it dies, it ends, so we go on with our loveless lives full of love or is it our lifeless love full of life, who is to know, who is to say, for not I nor you can say either, for it is how it is, for it is what it is, for it is love life.
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Love Life
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