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 Wronged Feelings

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PostSubject: Wronged Feelings   Wronged Feelings Icon_minitimeSun May 31, 2015 10:25 pm

Written July 2008

Palms sweat as worry takes over
Something is wrong, I know it
Yet, what is it, All seems right yet not
Can't explain the feeling in your stomach pit
Lips dry, throat sticky
Constantly sipping on the water
Room is cold as ice
Though body grows hotter
Something is wrong, out of place
Looking around though all is calm
Heart is pounding in my chest
Feeling as though maybe I should read a psalm
I have sinned in my life
Will I be forgiven for my sins
Have I really done wrong in my life
Where will I go when my breath become fins
Have I hurt more than I have helped
Does any of the good count
Did not perhaps the pain help others
Maybe help them grown in an amount
The pain, scars I leave on others
The love they still hold for me
I hope it helps them grow in life
That in the end just fine they will be
So if the pain I cause is my sins
And the ones I hurt grow from it
Then let me pay for such sins
For every better life I will take a hit
So as I sit here in my room alone
Thinking of what might be wrong
Is anything really wrong at all
Or is it more pain that for I long
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Wronged Feelings
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