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PostSubject: Mariah    Mariah      Icon_minitimeSun May 31, 2015 10:41 pm

Written July 2008

I can be your very desire
Make you fall in love with me without trying
And easily break your heart not wanting to
Life is short and should be lived
My soul is free, my love is deep
Many hold pieces of my love
None can seem to hold my heart
With my sultry eyes and tempting lips
You can be hooked with my glance
Am I worth it though
Are you willing to risk heartache
To risk chances with other girls
To even risk our friendship
Just in hope you may capture my heart
I am the wind running free
You can feel me, but never capture me
To capture the wind is a great feat
As is to capture my true love
Many have tried, few have come close
Some have caused me to run more
Others fell into heartbreak dispair
So who will be the ones willing to try
Who is the one to capture the wind
Are you willing to try and capture Mariah
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