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 Death Love

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PostSubject: Death Love   Death Love Icon_minitimeSun May 31, 2015 10:42 pm

Written July 2008

Sitting here as I ponder wondering why my heart chooses to wander. I look around the silent room in the night, lovers in lovers embrace. Yet here I sit alone and cold, love in my heart, but none able to hold. My eyes the fall upon a single rose, one a lover gave to another. I watch the pedals of the rose wilt, the life drain, and the love die. Lovers come and go, only leaving death love. The lovers are no more just as the rose that once was the symbol of their love. The love they had for each other gone as they parted ways, leaving nothing behind but that of death's love. Fear, pain, anger, that is that is left. The joy once there, along with the beauty and care, has turned to darkness and despair. Why is it that one wishes to find love, to open there heart to a pain that might come instead. None have turned away from thy love for none no how. Love is pure though it can make any man the unpurest. To watch this rose die brings me joy, yet I long for this rose. I long for the love of another. I open my heart to that pain in hopes that love shall fill it before anything else.......Yet only pain comes. The pain of heartache, of losing someone I care for, of hurting someone I care for. My heart starts to turn away from thy love, it begins to grow dark and cold. No longer shall I wish to open my heart to thy love, no longer will I allow that pain. So I build my walls, I hide away my heart, letting it grow cold within its darken cell. Will there be one though that can break my walls and release my heart, show me true love at its purest. Or shall forever more my heart only hold on to that of death love.
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Death Love
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