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PostSubject: I Wish    I Wish      Icon_minitimeSun May 31, 2015 10:45 pm

Written July 2008
For Xion

I wish you could see how I love you
I wish you could see the tears I cry
For they are the tears of my love for you
The tears that fall from thy eyes and roll down the cheeks
Oh how I long for that kiss as you hold me in your embrace
Why the pain of feeling alone when I know you hold my heart
Where do I go from here
Where do we go from here
I wish I knew
I wish you felt the same or at least if you did that you showed it
I don't know anymore
I just wish for the pain to cease, for the gray skies above thy head to separate
Where is my sunny bright day
Where is the happiness that was promised
I wish I knew
I wish I felt more alive again
I wish I could just go back to those moments of real life
The ones where they were pure bliss
Not a drop of pain
Not a tear drop in thy eye
Yet that is all there ever seems to be anymore
The pain, the hurt, the tears
A heart can only break so much before the shattered pieces turn to dust
What is left, nothing but the numb
For all has been taken
For all has been given
Can you ever go back to those moments of life
To live and feel again
To own that bliss for just a moment
I wish I knew....
I wish I knew....
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I Wish
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