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PostSubject: Drip Drip    Drip Drip    Icon_minitimeSun May 31, 2015 10:52 pm

Written Oct 13, 2008

The drip drip of the blood swells my ears
You would think this would bring forth fears
Instead it brings on tears
Not tears of pain
Nor tears of being slain
Drip drip the blood continues
How refreshing it seems to make me feel
A darkness within me being released
Nothing feeling constricted
Beyond contentment
The smile upon my face reveals such
Lightly licking my lips
Savoring the taste
The drip drip drip is all that fills this room
Blood flowing over my hands
Through my fingers
Silky wet
Its amazing that this sensation has not been released before
A coolness within my chest
Bliss of the drip drip drip....
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Drip Drip
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