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Written in July 2008

The whispers of the night
Consuming minds sight
Where do you stand
What is your brand
These thoughts taking over
Alone in the garden stands the clover
Blowing in the breeze
All seems with ease
The soul of life
Nothing of strife
The storm flowing in
Brining with it sin
Tainted words being said
Minds face waiting to be read
Where to go from here
Eyes shedding fear
Life so consuming
The anger brewing
Waiting to be unleashed
The breath becoming a feast
Unleashed to the unknown
Heart feeling thrown
Relaxing for the other
For you are the mother
You search for your purpose
The true you trying to surface
Wipe your face
For life is to embrace
Clear your mind
Put the past behind
Release your soul
For there is no toll
So where do you stand
What is your brand
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