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PostSubject: Changing    Changing      Icon_minitimeSun May 31, 2015 11:00 pm

Written November 2010

I can feel the changing
It's building within me
Not a changing forward
But a changing back
I'm releasing once again
Taking back control
Control of who I am
What I do
What I stand for
Is this a good thing
I'm not entirely sure
But I love the sensation
It is starting to take back
Take back its control on me
Of who I once was
A darker person
Someone I haven't been in quite sometime
Yet someone who I always am
They no longer have their control
I'm no longer theirs
I can be mine again
That is what I did
I adapted to fit them
And fit them so well
Yet lost myself
Who I am
Who I need to be
I don't change for them
I didn't change for them
I adapted myself to fit with them
I'm free now
Free of my surroundings
All I have left is myself
Who am I you ask
I am the darkness
The utter sweet horror of your desires
I am the temptress of the night
The manipulation of the day
I am what you lust for
I am what you love
I am all that sorrow of life that you think you can handle
And so much more
I am free
Free to regain what I once was
Oh this sensation
This wonderfully dark taste
It is uplifting
Utterly indescribable
I feel as though all the power within me has been released
An orgasm of sorts
Able to moan out in the pure ecstasy of it
To sweetly taste the blood of ones soul
Oh how I've missed thee....
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