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 Stalker, Prey

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PostSubject: Stalker, Prey   Sun May 31, 2015 11:01 pm

Written Dec. 1, 2010
For Nakari

If I vanished, would you even care
My name adrift, floating in the air
Death in your eyes, stain on your name
That is all I am, your own personal shame
Your drug, you love for life
Given the chance, you'd use the knife
Free yourself of me, run away
For I am your death, if you do stay
I will bring you down, cut at you
Karma of your life, all is due
Drag you down, push you in the dirt
Bat of an eyelash, simple flirt
So if I vanished, what would you care
Just another name, floating in the air
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Stalker, Prey
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