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PostSubject: Well?    Well?        Icon_minitimeSun May 31, 2015 11:44 pm

Written March 1, 2011

Tell me, what's the purpose of saying we're friends when you pull away after I trust you? How can I allow you to know about who I am only for you to drop it all? Tell me what was the reason we started talking in the first place? I don't trust many people to start with nor let many close to me. I'm even more than sure that most people who would say we are friends I see more as an acquaintance or buddy in words since those I'd call friend have to know more about me than most do. So don't you think if I consider you in that category as friend to not screw it up? I get the idea how people change and have other things going on that conversation dies between people and they grow apart. I also get that feelings may have developed and one needs space to move past those feelings. But to make the other feel completely unwanted as a friend? Is that really needed? Am I supposed to not try for something I love because you and I flirted a little before you made a statement of rejection? Really? Was I supposed to wait around?
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