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PostSubject: Pride    Sun May 31, 2015 11:46 pm

Written March 17, 2011

Pride holds many people back and causes us to make mistakes and miss out on many things. Is your pride of always being right going to do the same? I admit when I'm wrong and hold true to what I think is right. I apologize when I shouldn't have to for things and change to fit to make it better. Why though? Why am I the one going more than half way and you won't budge an inch? You refuse to explain things and apologize when you know if I had said the same thing you'd be pissed. I'm really tired of the double standards. I've put up with so much and have yet to walk away. Why though? Is it my pride holding me to you? No, I seem to lose part of my pride when I'm with you, as well as myself. This hurts so much and it isn't right. I love you with all my being, but I feel you don't. I've proved over and over again how I feel and now you say that I said I'm done and walking away when you made a comment about me? The only time you did prove you cared, you removed it. I'm tired of coming last to everyone else in your life when I put you first. I'm tired of you holding all the cards and refusing to let me play. I'm tired of always being in the wrong when I'm in the right. Today is day 779, is it the day you lose me to your pride?
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