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 Define Love

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PostSubject: Define Love   Define Love Icon_minitimeSun May 31, 2015 11:13 pm

Written July 21, 2009

I've never really understood love. It's always been a complicated confusing concept. People try to define it, to put meaning to what it really means. Can you though? Can you label something that causes a million different feelings? Something that has different levels of itself?

There is the love that comes natural, embedded into us before birth. The instinctual love of those who nurture us. The love for our kindred, the ones that share our blood. No matter what happens, that love is never broken. Then there is the bonded love, the love that is created by growing close to someone over time. A love that can grow amazingly strong and last decades. A love that can be severed given the right circumstances. Then there is the false love, the love that fools you into believing that this is the one.

See love blinds you, it gives you this feeling that you can't explain whether its real or not. It can take your voice away, lock away that individual that you are. This word love has the power to lift you, to completely take you over. It also has the power to destroy you, to make you long for the end of all the suffering. Love is the most powerful emotion, it brings joy and anger, bliss and sorrow, life and death.

Some have no reason for living other than the love they have for another. This sort of love can restrict someone. They know nothing but it. This sort of love can work two ways. It can be the love that keeps you going for how much you care for another. Or it can be the obsessive love that drives someone so insane they think they can't live without the other. They not only destroy their life with this type of false love, but the one they think they love, throwing them into guilty or pity.

Love...stages of love...the crazy complicated confusing concept with its different levels of itself.

So to define something so undefinable would be pointless. Especially if you reach the level of love that in itself is so unexplainable it can shock you. A love that could start out one-sided or even nothing at all. A love that swarms you with an unexplainable sensation. It can scare and amaze you all the same. Some say that we all have a soul-mate, but whose to know if that's true. We all search for that one that accepts us no matter what, that will love us for everything we are, that one that for no complete reason we love them and they love us. A love that was unexpected and even possibly fought against.

I've been in all these stages of love, the false one more than I wish I had, but I now am experiencing this last type. And I hope it lasts.
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Define Love
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